Présentation de Classement diagonal / diagonal listing à La Lettre volée le 28 septembre de 18 à 21h et le 29 septembre de 14 à 18h.

Cette présentation sera également l’occasion, de voir la vidéo « french practice » reprise de A bout de souffle made in America (Breathless) rapporté à son modèle français.

La lettre volée
146 avenue Coghen
B-1180 Bruxelles

Dans le cadre de l’exposition eight de SYLVIE EYBERG et JUAN PABLO PLAZAS,

le cine-club lazyeye présentera des vidéos de Diego Fernández, Bruno Goosse, June Laka, m8a, T. Tapha, Eliot Thielemans

 Lundi  07.05.2017 à 18 heures

105 avenue Besme, 1190 Bruxelles


an exhibition, a cine-club, a performance, new editions

17.04.2018 – 5-8 pm


21 & 22.04.2018 – 3-6 pm
with an intermittent performance

03.06.2018 – 3-6 pm

Cine-club lazyeye

07.05.2017 – 6pm | lms 6.30 to 7.30 pm
with Diego Fernández, Bruno Goosse, June Laka, m8a, T. Tapha, Eliot Thielemans

28.05.2017 – 6 pm | lms 6.30 to 7.30 pm
with Andrés Baron, Denicolai & Provoost, Sylvie Eyberg, Juan Pablo Plazas, Diego Thielemans, Clara Thomine

Other days by appointment until 03.06.2018

105 avenue Besme laan, 1190 Brussels

+32 (0)475 299 873 –


Bordes/Borders is a contemporary video exhibit curated by Othón Castañeda featuring nine short films with borders as their main concept. The works were among a number of films submitted by international artists to the Bienal de las Fronteras, an artistic initiative that offers a platform to emerging artists of diverse backgrounds.

The selection exhibited at the MCI questions the boundaries of the biennial itself, including participating artists that establish an alternative view of the border, this time ‘from the inside out’. These pieces pursue a collective effort to establish a visual dialogue between three spheres of production and their key players: the region, the nation, and the world. Participating artists include Florencia Levy (Argentina), Heliodoro Santos (Mexico), Emilio Chapela (Mexico), Bruno Goosse (Belgium), Miguel Ángel Ortega (Mexico), Carlos Ruiz-Valarino (Puerto Rico), Tania Ximena Ruiz Santos (Mexico), Cristiana De Marchi (Italy) and Maya Yadid (Israel).

The January 26 opening will feature a talk by curator Othón Castañeda at 6:45pm

Banner: Emilio Chapela Pérez, Matamoros-Tijuana, 2014, Video-screening, 15 min.
Above: Florencia Levy, Landscape for one person, 2014, single-channel digital video, 8:16 min.